Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Workflow Backgroud Process parameters

Workflow Backgroud Process parameters
What is Process Deferred =Yes, Process Timed Out= No ?

When the Workflow Engine initiates and performs a process in any Oracle applications module, it completes all necessary activities before continuing to the next eligible activity. In some cases, an activity being processed may require a large amount of processing resource or time to complete. Workflow module lets you manage the load on the Workflow Engine by setting up supplemental engines (known as background engine) to run these costly activities as background tasks. In these cases, the costly activity is deferred by the Workflow Engine and later it is run by a background engine. The main Workflow Engine can then continue to the next available activity, which may occur on some other parallel branch of the process.

A Background Engine is a supplemental Workflow Engine that processes deferred or timed out activities or stuck processes.(Proceses which are stuck because of workflow errors)

The above is possible only if you select the option "Process Deffered". Optinally, you can select the option "Process Timed out"=Yes if required.

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