Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oracle Inventory - Interview questions & answers

1) Which are required steps in Inventory module set up?
a) All the 6 key flexfields i.e Items, Item Catalog, Account Alias, Sales Order, Locator and Item Category
b) Organizations
c) Change Organizations
d) Intercompany Relations
e) Unit of Measure Classes
g)Item Attribute Controls, Categories
h)Default Category set
i)Item Statuses
j) Cost types
k)Profile Options
l)Inventory Accounting Periods

2) What do you mean by Required with Defaults Steps?
Required Step With Defaults means that the setup functionality comes with pre-seeded, default values in the database; however, you should review those defaults /default values and decide whether to change them to suit your business needs

3)Which are Required with Defaults Steps in Inventory module?
There are no such steps in Inventory module

4)There is no stock locator control in your Inventory organization.Do you still need to configure it?
You need not to configure the flexfield in a specific way but you must still compile the Stock Locators key Flexfield because all Oracle Inventory transaction and on-hand inquiries and reports require a frozen flexfield definition

5) What is the use of a picking rule?
When you pick release a sales order in Order Management module , Order Shipping Execution module ( which is a part of Order Management) submits requests to Oracle Inventory module which uses the information given in picking rule to give priority to pick units of an items and then it generates pick lists for sales orders

6) Can you apply material overheads to Average Costing Organization?
No, you can not apply it to Average Costing Organization. However you can apply it to Standard Costing Organization

7) What is a Transaction Action?
A transaction action is a predefined method of changing the quantity and/or location and/or cost of an item. It is used in Transaction Type form

8) How many Predefined Transaction Actions are available in Inventory module?
You may use one of six predefined transaction actions: --issue from stores, subinventory transfer, direct organization transfer, intransit shipment, cost update and receipt into stores.

9)Can you do Inventory transactions in prior periods?
Yes, you can do by setting the profile option INV: Transaction Date validation to Provide warning when date in past period or Allow date in any open period. It allows entry of a past date

10) Can you change customer item name or Item after you save it?
Yes, you can change it if you have set the profile option INV: Updatable Customer Item to Yes and INV: Updatable item to Yes respectively

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