Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oracle WIP setups & Open Interface

Why do you need to define WIP parameters?
You can use WIP parameters to define modes of operation and to assign default values for various work in process functions. You can only define one set of WIP parameters per inventory organization.

Which are optional implementation steps for WIP?
Define Production Lines
Define Repetitive Assemblies
Define Scheduled Groups
Define Employees
Define Employee Labor Rates
Define Shop floor Statuses
Define Job and Schedule documents
Define Operation Documents
Defining Report sets

What all can you import in WIP module?
a) Import move transactions from data collection devices, factory floor machines or controllers using the Open Move Transaction Interface
b) Import material transactions (component issue/return, assembly completion/return, replenishment) from data collection devices, custom data entry forms, and other manufacturing inventory systems using the Open Inventory Transaction Interface
c) Import resource transactions from data collection devices and labor tracking systems using the Open Resource Cost Transaction Interface
d) Import planned orders, update recommendations, and planned repetitive schedules directly from external sources using the Work Order Interface
e) Update scheduling dates at the operation or resource level using the Work Order Interface

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