Friday, December 26, 2008

What is Project Manufacturing ?

What is Project Manufacturing ?

Large contracts or projects received by the companies can not be completely fulfilled by process manufacturing or disrete or repetitive manufacturing methods. It requires a separate manufacturing method known as project manufacturing. Project manufacturing meets demand driven production requirements for large contracts or projects. It allows you to plan, schedule, process and cost against a specific contract or a group of contracts or project for a specific customer.

Oracle Project Manufacturing supports companies in the Engineer-To-Order, Make-To-Order manufacturing strategies and Aerospace and Defense industries. These industries plan, track, procure, and cost based on project, contract, or Seiban numbers.

If Oracle Projects is installed and the Project References Enabled and Project Control Level parameters are set in the Organization Parameters window in Inventory module, you can assign project and, if required, task references to planned orders, jobs, purchase orders, sales orders, miscellaneous transaction and other entities within Oracle Manufacturing. If the Project Cost Collection Enabled parameter is also set in inventory organization parameters, you can optionally collect and transfer manufacturing cost to Oracle Projects module. Project costs are tracked by project/task and expenditure type.

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