Saturday, December 20, 2008

2M@applearn - Member of the Month - December 2008

Member of the Month - December 2008

Pleased to announce that Vidyutkumar Desai is applearn 'member of the month' for December 2008. Vidyutkumar is a Bachelor of Textile Technology and DMS (Diploma in Management Studies).

With core expertise in Oracle Supply Chain and Manufacturing modules - Inventory, Purchasing, Order Management, Shipping, Bills of Material, Engineering, Work in Process, MS/MRP, Quality, EAM and Costing to name a few. Backed by 20 years industry experience, Vidyutkumar has @8 years experience in Oracle. His contribution to applearn community has been very helpful.

He likes listening to music, career guidence, touring, interecting with people and knowledge sharing. Sydney, Melbourne, New York, Hong Kong are some of his favourite places. Vidyutkumar has the below slogans as his favourites:

a) Vasudheiva kutumbakam which means 'The world is one (my) family'
b) A will will find a way
c) Time and tide wait for none
d) Make hay while the sun shines
e) I am with you till you do not want me in any way, any more.

Wish you all the best and looking forward for your continued contribution at applearn !!


  1. Congratulations Sir !

  2. Congratulations ........................

  3. Congrats Sir,
    This is Vinayak from SLK

  4. I briefly interacted with Vidyut during my stay in Mumbai in 2004. Though it was a brief interaction Vidyut's helping nature left a all time impression on me. I recall everyone used to mention him as 'Viduytsir' and that was out of acknowledging his knowledge. Another thing that i remember is he was pretty outspoken! All the best Vidyut Sir.

  5. Congratulations Sir for your achivment and Happy New Year 2009


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