Monday, July 6, 2009

Oracle Configurator - What is it about?

"Each time our customers order us, its different configuration from the earlier product we supplied them earlier. It eats up our time in analyzing if what they ask is a possible combination of components that we can supply and we also loose a good time in quoting our customers. Sometimes we end up knowing from our manufacturing team that the requested configuration is not at all possible to manufacture"

Is this something you hear from your client? We are sure you might want to have a look at what Oracle Configurator does. It enables companies to specify, sell and ultimately manufacture and fulfill complex, customized products. Basically, it guides the user to configure the product while you have customer over the phone. While doing so, it continuously validates the possible combinations of options that could be supplied. It brings expertise of a knowledgeable salesperson to the point-of-sale.

What more? Through a web-based interface, it guides the customer to configure the product that best meets their needs through interactive set of questions that gather the requirements and map it to the product that matches the need.

Oracle Configurator integrates with the below modules:

Oracle Order Management
Oracle iStore
Oracle Field Sales
Oracle Quoting
Oracle TeleSales
Oracle Install Base
Oracle Advanced Pricing
Oracle Advanced Planning and Scheduling
Oracle Inventory
Oracle Bills of Materials

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