Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Implementation steps for Oracle eAM module

List all the implementation steps for Oracle eAM module ?

1) Setting Up Organizations

2) Enabling Organizations for Enterprise Asset Management

3) Defining eAM Parameters

4) Setting Up Areas

5) Defining Departments and Resources

6) Defining Department Approvers

7) Defining Miscellaneous Documents

8) Defining Lookups including
- Activity Types
- Activity Causes
- Activity Sources
- Asset Activity Priorities
- Cost Category Codes
- Criticality Codes
- Asset Import Scope Codes
- Asset Import Statuses
- Contact Preferences
- Work Request Statuses
- Work Request Types
- Work Order and Work Request Priority Codes
- Work Order Reconciliation Codes
- Work Order Types

9) Setting Up Category Codes

10) Defining Asset Groups

11) Defining Activities

12) Activity Association Templates

13) Setting Up Attribute Groups

14) Defining Asset Documents

15) Defining Asset Numbers

16) Defining Asset Routes

17) Setting Up Asset Bills of Material

18) Defining Activities

19) Navigating the Activity Workbench

20) Defining Maintenance Routes

21) Setting Up Maintenance Bills of Material

22) Associating Asset Numbers with Activities

23) Creating Activity Templates

24) Defining Rebuildable Items

25) Defining Rebuildable Serial Numbers

26) Rebuildable Item/Activity Association

27) Defining Rebuildable Bills of Material

28) To set up a Non-Stock Direct Item

29) Project and Task Setup

30) Defining Meter Templates

31) Defining Meters

32) Associating Meter Templates with Asset Groups

33) Associating Meters with Asset Numbers

34) Defining Set Names

35) Defining a Preventive Maintenance Template

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