Sunday, December 28, 2008

What is a Scheduled Group?

What is a Scheduled Group ?

A schedule group is group of flow schedules and discrete jobs which can be sequenced for the purpose of giving priority. Schedule groups are defined in the Define Schedule Groups window and can be optionally assigned to jobs, in the Discrete Jobs window, or to Flow schedules, in the Line Scheduling Workbench Options window. The schedule group assigned in the Line Scheduling Workbench Options window can be overridden in the Work Order-less Completions window, but only with a schedule group that is associated with a Flow schedule (an not associated with discrete job)
Sequencing is done by assigning a unique schedule number to each job or Flow schedule within a scheduled group.
You can assign flow schedules and discrete jobs to the schedule groups you define as per your requirement. Sequencing jobs and flow schedules within a schedule group makes it possible to prioritize, for example, by customer the jobs or Flow schedules being built on a specific production line.

You can update schedule groups but cannot delete schedule groups that are assigned to jobs and flow schedules. For example, you can create a Week01 schedule group to identify which jobs are to be released and built during the first week of your current production cycle.

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