Saturday, November 8, 2008

WIP Parameters - Lot Selection Method

WIP Parameters - Lot Selection Method

Lot Selection Method appears under the backflush default parameter and affect backflush transactions. Determines how lot controlled Assembly Pull and Component Pull component items are selected during backflush transactions.

User can select from any of the below options:

1. Expiration Date
2. Manual
3. Receipt Date
4. Transaction History

This parameter does not apply to components that are under both lot and serial control. When you backflush a component under both lot and serial control, you must enter both the lot and the serial number.

When does the "Alternate Lot Selection Method" option become functional? How does it work?

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  1. Nicw post. Please put some notes on Outside Processing Parameters

  2. Alternate Lot selections Method becomes functional when primary method is transaction History. the alternate is used when primary is transaction History and there is no transaction history is available for the job . Hope his helps

  3. alternate becomes functional in case the primary is transaction history

  4. Hello Ravindra,

    Thanks for your comments here. You are absolutely right.

    applearn team


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