Thursday, November 6, 2008

Physical Inventory Adjustments for Reserved Items

Physical Inventory Adjustments for Reserved Items

While performing Physical Inventory activities using Oracle Inventory, user performs the following steps:

1. Physical Inventory setup to define tolerances, subinventories etc.
2. Physical Inventory snapshot
3. Tag generation
4. Tag count entry
5. Approve Physical Inventory
6. Post Physical Inventory adjustments

While approving the physical inventory, user might face a message "You are trying to perform Physical Inventory Adjustment for material that has reservations"

This is an intended functionality. Inventory cannot be adjusted so that these adjustments take quantity from reservations. Users need to unreserve the demand and perform adjustment. The System does not know which Reservations are genuine now

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  1. Useful post.

  2. Good post. Can you put some more posts on steps in Physical Inventory

  3. how to unreserve the demand?


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