Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PO approval hierarchy

Did you know that Oracle Purchasing also has to choose the approver to whom it has to forward the approval notification?

If Position Hierarchy is used and two employees are attached to a particular position, then the application will select the forward-to person based on alphabetical name order.

Below is an example for better understanding.

Albert Christopher (Clerk) and couple of more clearks report to position Manager (Materials). James Bond and Bob Smith have the position Manager (Materials) attached.

In the above scenario, when Albert (Clerk) chooses the Approve button without entering a forward-to person, and the next position above the clerk is the Manager (Materials), the document would be routed to James Bond.
James Bond is selected by the system because the system will choose the employee assigned to the position in alphabetical order, and since Bond comes before Smith, James Bond is selected. Therefore, unless the clerk selects a specific person to forward the document to, the document will always be routed to the first person alphabetically assigned to the position.

How does it work when multiple logins tied to One Employee?

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