Monday, January 26, 2009

Requisition - 'Inprocess' status

1) The preparer completed the requisition and submitted to the approval process. However, no one with sufficient authority has approved the requisition. Requisition status will be 'in-process'

2) If in the Approve Document window you forward to an approver who does not have a logon user name, Purchasing module alerts you right away. If an approver without a logon user name is already included in the approval hierarchy, the approval workflow will fail at that approver and the document will remain' In Process'.

3) In requisition headers summary window, you may select the Open button to open the Requisitions window and query the requisition on the current line. Your options in this window depend on the status of the requisition and your approval and security options. For example, if a requisition has a status of In Process, you cannot open its line from requisition headers summary window.

1 comment:

  1. If a requisition is "In Process", how can you force update the approval status or send the requisition back to the initial person to resubmit. Thanks


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