Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oracle EAM - Different types of assets

Explain the different types of assets?

There are 2 types of assets
a) Capital or financial Assets
b) Maintenanace assets

Maintenance Assets can be classified into the following two types:

1) Linear Assets
Linear Assets have linear properties and are connected with each other by their relationship with the linear infrastructure itself. i.e. Networks
For example a metropolitan city which has a huge network of subways & roadways. You can model them as linear assets in an Asset Management system and the buildings, poles parks and terminals can be represented as non-linear assets. The joins and overlaps of the Linear Assets make up the networks and the non-linear assets can be ‘placed’ within that Network for positioning and tracking purposes.

Example are Roads, Rail lines and tracks ,Highways, airport runways, harbors,Ports, Subways, cables, Waterways, Transmission Lines, Water & Sewer pipe lines, Oil & Gas Pipelines

2) Non-Linear Assets
A non-linear asset does not have any linear property, occupies some space as per dimension and can be tracked by its location or modeled as part of a parent child hierarchy.

For example, Mobile assets such as fleet, vehicles, tools and equipment, Fixed Physical assets i.e. plant, equipment, facility ,Component relationship based assets (aircraft, ship), Terminals, Rail cars, Buses, Trucks, Buildings, Parks, Poles, Substations, Facilities, Power Generating Plants & Equipment,Pumping Stations, Extraction Facility.

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  1. I would argue that Assets can be classified into a lot more than 2 categories. Here are at least a few

    Linear (as you have pointed out)
    Mobile (easily move from location to location)
    Complex (ie configuration management is important)
    Facilities (buildings, fixtures and foundations)
    Production Machinery


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