Monday, January 26, 2009

Line types in Oracle Purchasing

Line types in Oracle Purchasing

Oracle Purchasing module provides the line type feature for clearly differentiating orders for goods from those for services or outside processing orders. The line type governs the type of requisition, purchase order, RFQ, and quotation lines you create. You can select a default Line Type for requisition, RFQ, quotation, and purchase order lines. When you create any of these documents, the line type is part of your item information. You can override the line type for each document line. The services related line types support a broad range of service categories including general business services, consulting services, and contingent labor. While implementing oracle purchasing module 'Define Line Types' is a Required step with defaults.

The different types of line types are as follows:

a) Quantity–Based Purchasing line type
b) Fixed Price–Based Purchasing line type
c) Rate–Based Purchasing line type
d) Amount–Based Purchasing line type
e) Outside Processing Services Purchasing
f) Temporary Labor Purchasing line type

More details on each line type and defining line types follow in next posts

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