Thursday, November 11, 2010

Move Order Transaction

Move Orders allow transaction of material transfer from one subinventory to another in the same inventory organization. 

At a high level, Move Order process have two basic steps: 
a) Creation of the Move Order 
b) Move Order transfer transaction

Move Order can be manually created or it can be automatically created from various replenishment and material demand processes. 

Move Order can be created through multiple sources:
a) Manual creation
b) Min-Max replenishment
c) Kanban replenishment
d) Sale Order Pick Release
e) WIP Job Component Pick Release
f)  Move Order API

Steps in the Move Order Process:
1. Move Order creation through various sources (mentioned above)
2. Move Order approval
3. Move Order allocation
4. Move Order transfer

Move Order Time Out
Use if you want to require approvals for the move orders in your organization. If this is left blank, the Move Order will be approved automatically

Profile option "INV: Fill & Kill Move Order" can be used to gives capability to cancel replenishment move order lines that have partially allocated and transacted

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