Monday, April 14, 2008

Form Personalization

Most of the customers wish to modify the way the forms look and behave. They want to change the labels on the form fields, hide fields, hide buttons, amend custom logic.

With the Oracle E-Business Suite release 11.5.10, Oracle has introduced a mechanism which revolutionizes the way the forms can be customized to fulfill the customer needs. For many years, Oracle Applications has provided a custom library using which the look and behavior of the standard forms can be altered, but the custom library modifications require extensive work on SQL and PL/SQL. In the release 11.5.10, Oracle has provided a simple and easy feature to implement the customer specific requirements without modifying the underlying forms code or
CUSTOM library. Although CUSTOM library still can be used for forms customization to
implement the complex business logic, the personalization feature provided in the latest release is easy, faster and requires minimum development effort

The personalization form is invoked by Menu Navigation as below
Help --> Diagnostics --> Custom Code --> Personalize

By default, this menu option is enabled when any of the standard forms are opened, but at other times this menu option is disabled. The personalization form cannot be opened when the user is on the responsibility navigator. This means the specific form should be opened first, then invoke the “Personalization form” using the above navigation. Then define the personalization rules and actions on the personalization form, validate and apply them which automatically add the custom rules to the underlying specific form. For example, if the specific form is “Sales Order”; Open the “Sales Order” form first, and then invoke the “Personalization Form” using the menu option

By default the “Personalize” menu is visible to all the users; this can be controlled with help of profile options. By setting up the below profile options, the access to the Personalize menu can be limited for the authorized users. This will prevent unauthorized users from changing the look and behavior of the forms.
The profile options are…
1) Utilities: Diagnostics = Yes/No
2) Hide Diagnostics = Yes/No

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