Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oracle Order Management - Get started !

Order Management suite helps streamline and automate the entire sales order management process, from order promising and order capture to transportation and shipment. Oracle Order Management application is core of the Oracle Order fulfillment solution, and integrates seamlessly with almost all key modules such as Inventory, Advanced Pricing, Configurator, Transportation Management, Warehouse Management, Oracle Mobile Supply Chain, Advanced Planning, Accounts Receivables & CRM modules.

Using the Oracle Order Management (OM) Suite, you can enter sales orders, calculate the price of items on order lines, reserve & pick items from Inventory, ship items and send information to an accounts receivable so that invoices are created.

As we go ahead, we would discuss the key areas in Order Management

Order Management - System Parameters

System Parameters for Order Management are set at the Operating Unit level. The setup screen is available under Order Management Super User responsibility (Navigate: Setup > Parameters)

You can set the value for "Item Validation Organization" (Inventory Organizations) to define which Inventory Organization you can use to transact items in a given Operating Unit.

An Item Master Organization is used for item master data maintenance and validation. This master organization serves as a data repository storing items and item attributes, master level categories and category sets, master level cross references, and numerous data defaults.

In Order Management, the Item Validation Organization parameter indicates the Oracle Manufacturing organization against which items are validated. You must also define all transact able items in this organization.

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