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Create & Approve iExpense reports

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1. Creating iExpense Report

Log-in to iExpenses

- Log on to oracle application with Login credentials provided to you
- Select a responsibility "XXX iExpenses" from the available responsibilities
- Click on Expense Home Link on right hand side of the page

First section displays a previously submitted expense report and staus.

Second section shows any saved expense report, which you want to edit

Third Section displays notification sent to approvers after submitting for approval.

Creation of Expense Report

Click on Create Expense Report button on Top Right hand side of page

There are three step processes for creating expense report

1) Enter General Information

2) Cash and Other expenses detail

3) Review and submit
- Enter General Information
-All the fields except 'Purpose' will get defaulted, verify the correct name and other details which defaulted
-Enter Purpose of the Expense Report in Brief

4)Click on Save button
Record will be saved and it displays expense report number

5) Click on "Next" Button
This action will take you to Second step of Expense Report
Here you can enter Receipt Based expenses or Mileage Expenses.

6) By Default It will be prompted to Receipt Based Expenses.
-Start Entering expense lines in expense rows.
-Click on details
-Enter additional information section and click 'Update' button
-Click 'Return' Button to go to main Page.
-Click on "Next" button to go to final stage of expense entry.

Review your expense report and Click on Submit button to submit the expense report.

Once Submission you will get following confirmation with approver name.
Notification will be sent to approver

You can view the status of this expense report on your expense home page.
Click on Printable Page, to take a print for your reference.

Creation of Expense Report with mileage

Follow the steps explained above till entering General Information
-Select Mileage Expenses.
-Enter Start Date, Number of Days, Justification and Daily Distance.
-Click on Detail Box.
-Enter Location From and To information click on "Calculate" button. System will calculate reimbursable amount and displays on screen.
-Click on Return button.
It will take you to main page.

Enter if any other lines are there

You can enter Receipt Based expenses by selecting Receipt based expenses link

Click on Next
It will take you to review and submit page (as explained in sec 2.3)

Review the expense report and submit.
Take a printable version and keep it for your reference
You can view the status of expense report on home page

Resubmission of Expense Report

Look for "More Information Request in Notification section of Home page
Click a More information required notification link
Enter Answer for information requested
Click on Submit.
Notification will be sent to approver for taking further action.

Withdrawal and Deletion of Expense Report
Navigate to Oracle Home Pager (using steps stated in section 2.1)
To withdraw the expense report - Under Track submitted expense report click on the withdraw button.
After withdrawing the expense report, it should appear under update Expense report.
The expense report can be then deleted by clicking the delete button.

Delegation of Expense Entry Creation responsibility
Navigate to Oracle Home Pager (using steps stated in section 2.1)
Click on Expense Preferences TAB
Click on "Authorization Preferences"

On left side (Circled in Red) displays people who can enter expense reports for you
On Right Side(Circled in Blue) displays people for whom you can enter expense reports

To delegate expense report entry responsibility to click on "Add Another Row" button in expense Entry Delegation Form
Enter a Full name or Part Name with '%' on both side, and click on Search button
This will display the employee names matching search criteria.
Select the correct employee Name
Click on Select button
Click on Apply button
Re-query the Authorization preferences page

If required any other employee name can added.
While entering expense report user needs to select an employee name from LOV

Approving an iExpense Report

Log on to Oracle iExpnese using XXX iExpenses responsibility
Last section of the page shows the pending approvals

Click on link provided in subject column

-Enter Note (if required)
-Click Approve Button.
-Once approved the line will not display in pending notification list
-Approver can request for some information from requestor by entering note and clicking Request information.
-Line will be shown in requestor open notification list, Requestor provides requested information by clicking on open notification from his/her home page.
-Again it appears in Manger's open notification queue and manager can approve the same.
-If it requires further approval in hierarchy, notification will be sent to next level.
-Same steps will repeat till the status get changed to 'Pending for Payables Approval'
-Finally Accounts payable reviews the receipts and documents approves from Payable application.

Special Features in iExpenses

Management Reporting

-Manager can review all the employees expense report from his log in using responsibility "XXX iExpenses Analysis Reporting"

-Enter Search criteria provided in upper section.

-Click on Go

-It will display all the lines which matches given criteria

Vacation Rule
Approver can set temporary delegation of authority to notification and approvals based on business needs.

-Log on to iExpenses

-Click on Vacation Rules

-Click on Create Rule

-Select a type – All / Expense Entry / Requisitions

-Enter Start Date, End Date, Message and Reassign details

Click on Apply. It will display the rule created in rules list


  1. Hi,

    We have a problem in our client’s place where a person MGR-XYZ assigns a subordinate XYZ as an alternate approver when MGR-XYZ is on a vacation. (MGR-XYZ is XYZ’s manager). Now, here it so happens that XYZ now creates an expense report and since MGR-XYZ is on a vacation and since XYZ is the alternate approver, he can approve his own expense report. And they need a way to prevent this. Just wondering how this scenario needs to be handled. Can this be done programatically or via any setup?


  2. Can 2 levels of manager approval be setup?


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