Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Road ahead...

New career opportunities are born every day especially in the technology and IT sector. You might come across a job offer and have absolutely no idea what it is exactly referring to and what it needs to be there. So is the case with ERP Jobs. Did you know more than 90% of ERP consultants come from non-IT background !

ERP is an information system that integrates all manufacturing and related applications for an entire enterprise into one computer system. ERP runs off a single database, enabling various departments to share information and communicate with each other. ERP systems comprise function-specific modules designed to interact with the other modules.

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If you are already working in industry with some domain experience or If you are fresh out of college and wish to pursue a career becoming an ERP consultant - its a great idea ! Besides being financially rewarding, it offers you with an opportunity to work on evolving technologies and work on best practices

What next?
1. Learn the basics of ERP
2. Discuss with an expert and select 4-5 modules to learn and focus on
3. Select the right trainer
4. Read, think of scenarios and options available

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