Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Monthly Dose !

Hi Team,

Not sure if you noticed that we had our 25000 th visitor on Jan 20th, 2008. Really encouraging !!

We received couple of mails with wonderful suggestions on how we could improve our efforts to make it more useful to team members visiting this blog. If we have missed replying to your emails, let us thankyou here for your kind inputs. Keep writing !

Please do find a minute to type in your thoughts in the "comments" below each post! Beleive us, we really look forward for that.

Would it be a good idea to include couple of Oracle related news in the next dose?

We would also recommend you to visit http://www.training-classes.com/ for a world of information on any kind of quality training you might be looking for. Worth visiting !

Thanks !

applearn team


  1. Certainly it is a good idea


    RAJ (Team Member)


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