Sunday, December 9, 2007

ERP Jobs opportunities - for beginners

ERP is a skill, which was once mastered by reluctant learners, who now command premium price in the recruitment market. Today, recognising the potential of ERP training, professionals from as diverse streams as sales and marketing, human resources, manufacturing, production planning, supply chain management, quality, projects ...are ready to invest to get themselves trained for a much sought after global career.

The job opportunities are in the areas of Functional Consultant, Technical Consultant and in ERP Sales with well-defined growth path at different levels:

Associate - Technical Consultant / Functional Consultant
Technical Consultant / Functional Consultant
Associate Sr. Technical Consultant / Sr. Functional Consultant
Technical Consultant / Sr. Functional Consultant
Asst. Project Manager/Project Manager
Sr. Project Manager/ Chief Technical lead/ Chief Functional Lead

For Sales: Right from Sales Consultant, Business Development Manager to Head-Sales which all need a reasonable indepth knowledge on ERP product you sell to interact with the clients.

Obviously an extensive growth in new ERP installations creates tremendous employment opportunities. Companies that have used ERP achieved significant savings in payroll expenses by terminating large number of clerks, accountants and technicians. However, these firms require many "new breed" employees to support and run ERP - people who know business processes and have good technical programming skills. They need even more consultants to install, customize, and roll out new releases of ERP packages.

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