Saturday, December 22, 2007



DFF provide customiszable expansion space to capture information which otherwise is not captured by the standard application. Gives you the flexibility to satify different group of users without having to reprogram the application.

DFF can be context sensitive where the information your application stores depends on other values your users enter in other parts of the form.

Each DFF has a name you assign. You can specify valid segment values or setup criteria to validate the entry of any value.

DFF is made up of subfields and appears in a pop-up window on the form. DFF are implemented as a set of database columns with one column for each segment. The brackets [ ] indicate the presence of a DFF. When the cursor reaches the brackets the DFF pops open. DFF can be enabled and disabled - hence it only pops open when it is in enabled mode.


  1. Good Information .. Keep it up.

  2. on which table dff's and kff's will store?


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