Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Did you knew changes in Oracle Purchasing with Release 12 ?

Changes to existing tables

  1. Added columns (SUPPLIER_NOTIF_METHOD, FAX, EMAIL_ADDRESS) for capturing the Communication Details specified for a PO on the Create/Update Order page
  2. Added the STYLE_ID column for capturing the style of each document
  3. Added new columns: created_language cpa_reference last_updated_program
  4. Added column SUBMIT_DATE to record the date when purchase order is submitted for approval
  1.   Added new columns: catalog_name supplier_part_auxid ip_category_id last_updated_program
  2. Addition of the following Columns :
  • RETAINAGE_RATE(Rate to withhold retainage from progress payments) 
  • MAX_RETAINAGE_AMOUNT (The maximum amount that can be held as retainage against a contract)
  • PROGRESS_PAYMENT_RATE(% of work completed which is eligible to be paid, when using financing)
  • RECOUPMENT_RATE (This % is applied to the invoice amount to determine the total amount of previously paid financing payments that can be applied towards this invoice to determine the current amount due)

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