Thursday, November 12, 2009

Collection elements in Oracle Quality

Collection elements are the basic building blocks of collection plans, which are the data structures that you use to collect Quality results. Before you can collect Quality data, you must first create a collection plan. You begin by creating collection elements, which define the characteristics of the product or process that you want to monitor, record and analyze.

Collection elements are categorized by type so that they can be sorted and grouped in database searches and on reports. You assign collection element types to collection elements when you define them.

Oracle Quality offers 3 types of collection element types as mentioned below:

1. Reference information
2. Variable
3. Attribute

Reference Information collection element type groups collection elements that reference common objects defined in other Oracle Applications, such as Oracle Flow Manufacturing, Inventory, Order Management, Purchasing, and Work in Process. You can reference any data within an Oracle Database.

Variable collection element type is used when you need collection elements based on specification tolerance ranges. Specification limits can be entered and actions can be triggered when data is input outside of the range.

Attribute collection type is used when you need collection elements based on a customized list of values. Here you can create your values you wish the user to select from.

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