Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oracle Quality - Data collection structure

Oracle Quality can be used to gather user-defined quality data. Data collected and input into Oracle Quality may come from functions such as purchasing, service, shopfloor inspection or directly from the customer.

The data collection structure in Oracle Quality comprises of
a) Collection Elements
b) Specifications
c) Collection Plans

The basic building block of this structure is the collection element, which is used in both the specifications and the collection plan. Collection elements define the characteristics or the quality parameters of the product or the process, which is being analyzed and for which we collect and report data. Collection Plans are similar to test or inspection plans. Collection plans specify which are the collection elements to be used in collecting data. Collection plans specify when
and how to collect the data as well as the actions to take based on the data collected. Specifications set the quality standards to which the product or the process should conform. These standards can be in the form of absolute values or a specific range within which the results would be acceptable. The type of collection elements being used determines the nature of the specification.


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