Monday, September 15, 2008

5 Questions - Purchasing

1. What is 2-way, 3-way, 4-way matching? How is this set up?

2. How do you reflect discount from a supplier on a Purchase orders?

3. How do you change the created date on a Purchase Order?

4. When do you see the status of a Purchase order as Archived?

5. What does the error 'APP-50022: Oracle Human Resources could not retrieve a value for User Type profile option' mean?


  1. 2,3,4 way matching are method how oracle handle an invoice matching before approve a payment to supplier as an order with Purchase Order.

    2 way is you match your invoice with your order quantity and price within tolerance.

    3 way is you match your invoice with your Material receipt quantity and price within tolerance and purchase order quantity & price information

    4 way is you match your invoice with your Inspected receipt item within quantity & priece tolerance and Purchase order quantity & price information.

    on 2 way, usually when you receipt you need not to do inspection NOR receiving transactions.
    on 3 way, usually when you receipt, you have to do receiving transactions (as you receipt item acquire as you onhand stock)-but you not need to do inspection.
    on 4 way,you have to do inspection (usually use on manufacture process) after you do receipt and before you keep your receipt as a stock via receiving transactions.

    at least there are 3 point where you can set these matching point:
    1. in Purchasing Options
    2. in Supplier Creation attributes
    3. in Item attributes.

    1 and 2, you can access via Purchasing super user or Payables superuser responsibility.
    3. you have to access via Inventory responsibility.

    as on purchase order form,when you create an order to your supplier, oracle will check if you have set your selected item with matching attributes (#3), if NOT then oracle with check it with your supplier attributes (#2), if NOT then oracle will get your default matching from Purchasing Options.

    As all this option only seeded information that could change manually at distributions information on your Purchase Order.

    remember,4 way is the longest way to match your invoice.

    as an older said,always put simplicity,so use those matching ways as needed on your customer needed and always bring industry best practices for your customer.

    hope this will help.


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