Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Entering Internal Requisitions

Internal Requisitions provide the mechanism for requesting and transferring material from inventory to other inventory or expense locations

Navigate as Purchasing -->Requisitions --> Requisitions

Requisition Header region:
1. Requisition number will be assigned automatically once the requisition is saved.
2. Set document type to Internal Requisition
3. Enter a requisition description if desired
4. Preparer defaults based on your login
5. Status and Total fields are populated when the requisition is saved

Requisition Details - Item lines region:

1. In the Type field, "Goods" is the default and required for Internal Requisitions
2. Enter Item Number or choose from list of values
3. Enter the required quantity
4. Price would default from the Item details
5. Enter Need-By-Date

Requisition details - Bottom portion
1. Enter the destination type. Enter "Inventory" - All Internal Requisitions for inventory transfers. Enter "Expense" - All Internal Requisitions for inventory issues
2. Requestor defaults from Preparer. User could Accept or modify if different
3. Select Deliver-To Organization
4. Select Ship-To Location
5. Select Ship-To Subinventory
6. In the source, enter "Inventory" for internal inventory transfers
7. Select Source organization
8. Select Subinventory (Optional)

Click Distribution button and enter the information
1. The line number and quantity field will default from the parent requisition line
2. If Inventory is selected as Type, the material account from the organization or subinventory will default. If Expense is selected, the charge account number from the item’s “Expense Account” will default
3. Review or Modify Charge Account

Save the requisition.

Requisition Approval
1. Internal requisitions can be set up to allow the requestor to approve his or her own requisitions. The completed requisition can be submitted to an approver for approval.
2. The approver can use the Approve Documents or Notifications form to approve, forward, reserve, accept or reject submitted requisitions. Before approval, the requisition can be viewed or modified by the approver. A rejected request returns to the requester.
3. Requisitions returned as “not approved” may be modified by the requestor and re-submitted for approval from the Enter Requisitions form

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